Yachts, Boats, Catamarans and Cruises Galore!

Sunset Suite International offers a large fleet of luxury yachts, boats, catamarans and cruise ships for holidaying, daily chartering or for hosting events on out at sea. We specialise in organising soirees on board superlative yachts and creating maritime experiences you’ll never forget.
Our partner yacht brokers and their teams are all experts, and thanks to their in-depth knowledge, they will make your dream ocean-going trip, become a reality.
Our recent collaboration with one of the UK’s top luxury cruise line companies, now allows us to offer our clients a wonderful selection of cruise holidays too. Covering voyages from Hawaii to the Antarctica and from Croatia to Mauritius, you will never get bored of the options available.

Personalised Yachts For Your Event

For corporate bookings, we can offer a bespoke ‘out-at-sea’ experience for events managers, which enables you to brand the cruise with your company logos or desired themes, thus creating the ultimate ‘wow’ factor for your clients. Imagine chartering a whole ship and theming it for your exclusive use anywhere in the world at anytime.

Watch out for our forthcoming out of the ordinary cruise experiences, including bespoke children’s birthday parties, weddings, music festivals, star-gazing voyages and even floating hotels off the coasts of resorts.