The Mermaid Experience

Unleash your inner Ariel

Join us for our luxury, out at sea, mermaid experience. Aboard one of our plush sea vessels, you can venture out into the depths and become a mermaid or merman for the day.
Our team of professional freedivers and mermaid swimming instructors will be with you at all times to ensure safety and to teach you how to swim, dive and pose under water for photographs whilst wearing your mermaid mono-fin.
We even provide hair & make-up artists, so that you can look your best throughout the trip for any photos that you have taken

Take the experience with you anywhere

If the sea isn’t your thing, then we can arrange a mermaid experience at a villa in a resort of your choice. Can be arranged in the UK too. This experience can also be fully bespoke, so you can design it as you wish. For your assurance, all instructors are supplied through Freedive UK, a world class AIDA accredited, freediving, spearfishing and apnea school, to ensure safety for our guests at all times. Find out more here: