Truly Unique Experiences

We know everyone in the business, which means we’re your best source for rare and unique experiences that will leave everyone who didn’t attend disappointed. Get in touch today to design your own bespoke experience. No matter how out-there you feel it may be, we’ll do our best to ensure we design and deliver something out of this world!

Fitness Bootcamps

Our clients can partake in high intensity training and weight loss programmes, whilst occupying our uber cool villas throughout Europe & beyond.

Business Retreats

Our Sunset Suite business retreat villas, allow your team to relax and work in luxury, stylish, zen-like surroundings, which naturally boosts health, focus and creativity.

Eco Golf

Introducing The Sunset Suites new fun filled yachting experience, where you don’t just live the peak luxury lifestyle, you also feed some of the local fish.

Ski & Snow

Relaxing deluxe ski chalet holidays or action packed snow experiences, we can cater for all group sizes to provide the perfect snow holiday for your team. 


We offer you the opportunity to be part of an exclusive photo shoot & dinner party experience in one of our luxury villas on the island of Ibiza. We can tailor your photo shoot to suit your desires.

The Mermaid Experience

Unleash your inner Ariel aboard one of our plush sea vessels, you can venture out into the depths and become a mermaid or merman for the day.

Ready to plan your perfect holiday?